An action is unique to a page yet each page can hold up to 100 actions. You can manipulate the Actions via the actions panel or via right clicking on the list which will pop a menu of actions.
there are 4 types of action:
1. Item Action - Giving or taking Items to/from the player inventory.
2. Variable Check Action - Changing the value of a specific Variable.
3. Dynamic Text Action - Altering the text of a page while playing.
4. Saving Availability Action - Allowing or disallowing to save the current state of the game.

Actions Flow
* First thing - Actions occur first thing when a player reach a page. Take that in mind since the text of the page and the paths will be regarded afterwards.
example: if the Page's text should show the Health of the player (numeric variable) and the Health got down by two. The text will present the new value.
* By order - Actions occur one after another by there order. Take that in mind because actions can rely on another action.
example: Let's say a player got a charisma score and influence score (both numeric variables). The influence is affected by charisma. So when you change the charisma score you'll want to change the charisma score and only then change the influence.

Actions Toolbar
Add action- Adds an action to the page (each action type with it's own button)
Remove - Remove the selected action from the list
Edit - Edits the selected actions from the list
Move down path - Moves the action down in order
Move up path - Moves the action up in order