Battle System

Smart use of Variables, Action and Paths can make a Battle system or any other system you wish to make. In this following page I will give you an example of a simple battle system.

What do we need?
5 Variables - "1:Player Health", "2:Player Power", "3:Enemy Health", "4:Enemy Power", "5:Damage" (all numeric)
5 Pages - "1: Initiate Battle", "2: Player Attacks", "3: Enemy Dies", "4:Enemy Attacks", "5:Player Dies"

Page 1: Initiate Battle
Variable Action - 'Enemy Health = 10'
Variable Action - 'Enemy Power = 3'
Text: "At the cave's entrance stands a tall ogre. His eyes burned with anger, madly swings his enormous club. Ogre Health = <#3>, Ogre Power = <#4> .What would you do?"
Regular Path: "Run away" (leads out of the battle system)
Regular Path: "Fight" (leads to page 2)

Page 2: Player Attacks
Variable Action - 'Damage = @6 + #2' (Damage = 6 sided dice roll + Player Power)
Variable Action - 'Enemy Health = #3 - #5' (Enemy Health = Enemy Health - Damage)
Text: "You slice the mad ogre, dark red blood spilling on the ground. Ogre Health = <#3>"
Rule Path: "Continue. Equation = 'Enemy Health < 0' (true: leads to page 3, false: leads to page 4)

Page 3: Enemy Dies
Text: "The ogre falls down with a bang leaving the cave entrance open for intruders"
Regular Path: "Enter the cave" (leads out of the battle system)

Page 4: Enemy Attacks
Variable Action - 'Damage = @6 + #4' (Damage = 6 sided dice roll + Enemy Power)
Variable Action - Player Health = #1 - #5' (Player Health = Player Health - Damage)
Text: "The ogres takes a roar and smash his club onto you. Your Health = <#1>"
Rule Path: "Continue. Equation = Player Health < 0' (true: leads to page 5, false: leads to page 2) (notice that if none died the process is being repeated)

Page 5: Player Dies
Text: "A blow to your head proved heavy and deadly. you fall down, your own blood fills your eyesight. In your last moments you hear the Ogre says: "Nobody challenges Meat the ogre and stays alive hahaha"
(no path included. This is a game over folks.)

Upgrading up a notch
The example was of a very simple battle system. You can make things much more complex and interesting. here are a few ideas:
1. Complex Equation - Making the equations more complex, using more scores such as defense will power and the like.
2. More Descriptions - Adding more pages in place of pages 2 and 4 with the same functionality but with different descriptions for living up the battle.
3. Unique Ideas - change the idea of simple math equation to new ideas such as: The player choose the spot to hit, or the weapon used.
4. Magic System - making a magic system where the player can choose a magic via special words (HINT: Open Path will prove useful)