"Book" is the DreamPath's term of the entire game solution. The Book contains every piece of data you add, just like normal document or a picture. When you will finally finish your work you will give the Book file so others could play it.

Book's content:
1. Pages - each page represent a milestone in the story flow.
2. Items - the list of items a player can get while "reading the book" (playing the game)
3. Variables - the list of variables in the book.

Page's content:
1. Text Content - each page contain a textual presentation telling the story,
2. Actions - the actions preformed on the page.
3. Paths - the paths offered to the player in this page.

Book's Flow:
A player whom starts to play a book will start in page number 1. He will see the text written to 'page 1' and a list of paths unique to the page. each path will show a textual meaning of action (for example: "go down the stairs"). each of these paths will lead the player to another page revealing him new text and new paths (and so on it goes until he reaches a final page). in each page actions may be applied for handling items the player holds or variables.