Deleting Objects

While there is no problem deleting a path, or an action. Deleting Items , variables or pages will prove a bit more complex and DreamPath helps you not making mistakes.
If there is any relation between the deleted "object" and another "object" DreamPath will prompt you.

DreamPath will prompt you on the relations:
* Item - RulePaths & Actions
* Variable - RulePaths & Actions
* Page - Paths & Items

The safe removal dialog will present all the relations the deleted object got in the book. For each relation it will show the command (like appears in the list), the page where the relation is in and finally the place in the list.
Clicking on the relation will make a quick jump to the relation place.

To the left of the relation you will find a checkbox. when confirming the dialog, all the checked relations will be deleted. If all the relations are deleted the object will be removed as well otherwise it will stay.