HTML Settings

The HTML settings provides a way to customize the output of HTML exported books to your liking.


The Phrases tab gives you control over how DreamPath will convert each object (like path, or action) to the HTML output.

Phrase Presentation
Each object will eventually be converted to a single phrase. The 'Text Presentation' is the structure of that phrase. The 'Text Presentation' will usually have placeholders ( such as '[1]').
Each Phrase have different amount and meaning of placeholders but they all mean the same - a value from the book will replace the placeholder in the final outcome. The meaning of the placeholders ix explained in the 'Object Explanation'.

For Example:
The text presentation of regular paths is: "[1] (paragraph [2])"
A path with the description "Go downstairs" and destination "23" will be presented like so:
"Go downstairs (paragraph 23)"

* Supported Phrases
- some phrases in the current will not be converted to HTML books. Try avoiding using these objects unless you intend to use *.dps books. The objects are not supported as they are too complex for simple reading and needs a machine behind it.
Ignore Phrase - If you don't want a specific object to be converted to a phrase all you need is to check this checkbox.

HTML Control
The HTML control tab gives you control over the final output of the exported book.

* Mix Pages - checking this option will mix the pages' numbers and order making the book a little harder to cheat. The first and last page aren't mixed.
* Paragraphs in Table - checking this option will position each page inside a table cell. It has better aesthetics but if for any reason you don't wish it to be inside the table just uncheck the option (usually for printing the book)
* Hyperlinked Paths - checking this option will make paths a hyperlink leading to the path's destination.
* Include Ads - This is a contribution to DreamPath and will be a tremendous help. checking this option will add ads to the output.
* CSS Control - This strong feature allows you to alter the CSS of the HTML which gives you full control over the presentation of the page.  if you wish to learn of CSS check the tutorial on W3School

TIP!  you can make your book prettier by using images as your background in the CSS Control. (don't forget to bring the images along with the HTML file/files)