A path is unique to a page, yet each page can hold up to 100 paths. You can Manipulate the Paths via the Paths panel in the Page tab, or via right clicking on the list which will pop a menu of actions.
there are 3 types of paths:
Regular path - leads always to the same page
Rule path - leads to a certain page if a condition is validated
Open path- leads to a page depending on the player's answer.

Paths Toolbar
Add path- Adds a regular path to the page
Add rule path - Adds a rule path to the page
Add open path - Adds an open path to the page
Remove - Remove the selected path from the list
Edit - Edits the selected path from the list (type of the path cannot be changed)
Move down path - Moves the path down in order (useful for ordering the presentation path for the player)
Move up path - Moves the path up in order