The Settings panel (can be accessed via the "Book" tab) can be divided to three: File operations , Book operations & info.

File Operations
New - Creates a new book from scratch with one page.
Open - can open editable dream path files (*.dpc) and resume working on a book.
Save - saves the book in an editable format (*.dpc) so you could resume working on it later.
Notice: *.dpc files cannot be played with DreamPath Storyteller!
Export - save the book in a "ready to be played" format (*.dps/*.HTML) . If your book is done and you wish to let other people play it you should use the "Export" button (Book > Settings). For further information on exporting see this.
Notice: *.dps files cannot be edited with DreamPath Composer!

Book Operations
Page name
- this buttons opens the 'page name' dialog. there you can write the label of the selected page (in the Pages list). The page name is not important while players will play the book, it is only used to make the navigation between pages easier in DreamPath Composer (so it can be left blank if you wish).(double clicking a page in the page list will operate the same as this button)
Book properties - this button opens the 'Book Properties' dialog. In the dialog you can change the following values:
HTML Settings - this button opens the 'HTML Settings' Dialog which provides ways to customize to your liking the HTML files of HTML Exporting.
Book's title - this will be displayed as the title when a player will play the book.
Number of pages - changes the number of pages in the book (minimum = 1, maximum = 100000)
Right to Left Text - Changes the book writing style to 'Right to Left'


Help - opens your default internet browser and refers you to this website.
About - credits of thoes who worked and contributed for DreamPath Project, and a few related links.