Text Edit

The Text panel (can be accessed via the "Page" tab) contains controls which alters the text presentation of a page. Most of them are common in various documentation programs.

Text Toolbar
Bold - bolds the selected text.
Italic - makes the text selected italic.
Underline - underline the selected text.
Color - colors the selected text in a chosen color.
Left Align - aligns the selected lines to the left. (shortcut: ctrl + left shift)
Middle Align - aligns the selected lines to the middle.
Right Align - aligns the selected lines to the right. (shortcut: ctrl + right shift)
Cut - cuts the selected text (shortcut: ctrl+X)
Copy - copies the selected text (shortcut: ctrl+C)
Paste - pastes what's in the clipboard to the courser place in the text. (warning: in the current version some things may not be supported, like pictures. You may test it but it is advised to save a copy first) (shortcut: ctrl + V)
Undo - undo the previous action on the text (shortcut: ctrl + Z)
Redo - redo the previous action that was undone on the text (shortcut: ctrl + Y)

Variable value - inserts the value of the selected variable number. (syntax: <#'VAR_NUMBER'>. example: <#6>)