Loads & Saves

Saving your progress allows you to return later and continue the reading. Some books may decide to allow saving only at specific times. When it's not possible to save the quick save button in the top right of the screen will be grayed.

To save a state:

* To return to the main menu from the playing interface click on the arrow of the upper left corner.
* Click Save state and then choose whether to save it as a new file or override previous states.

To quick save  a state:
* Click on the quick save button on the top right corner og the screen.

To load a state (from the main menu):

* Enter Library --> 'Wanted book' --> Load State --> 'Wanted state'

* You can page for more states or previous states by clicking the bookmarks in the sides of the menu.

* If you wish to save or send the states you can find them in: "DreamPath Storyteller folder\books". there you will find a folder for each book and it's states.